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Folk Soap the Makers of Artisan Soaps

We AVOID PLASTIC POLLUTANTS and soaping agents such as SLS, a KNOWN IRRITANT on sensitive skin and we NEVER USE animal fats in our soaps such as tallow (beef fat).

At Folk Soap

We believe in the power of nature and tradition. Our journey began with a simple desire: to create authentic, all-natural soaps that not only cleanse the skin but also nurture the soul. Inspired by timeless recipes and crafted with care, our soaps are a tribute to the rich heritage of folk wisdom and the healing properties of nature.

Soap making for me started many years ago

I have always loved a variety of ancient crafts. 

Being extremely proud of our soap and shampoo bars,  I spent almost a year testing and fine tuning the recipes to be a perfect balance of quality essential oils and natural ingredients. 

The selection of natural soaps from us deliver an abundance of beneficial suds that last longer than any mass produced bar. 

Our Soap is produced from locally sourced materials where possible.

Our Products

Our range of soaps caters to various skin types and preferences. Whether you have sensitive skin, seek a refreshing cleanse, or desire a luxurious bathing experience, Folk Soap has something for you. Each soap is designed to deliver the perfect balance of cleansing, moisturising, and soothing properties.

My interest in nature and crafts are the inspiration behind my love of natural soap making. 

I practice both the hot and cold process methods of soap making. 
I am always careful not to cook out any of the beneficial ingredients, therefore making the product the very best it can be. Our natural soaps have shown to be beneficial to a variety of skin conditions including, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, spots, uneven skin tone and rosacea.

Folk Soaps Mission:

  • Avoid Plastic Pollutants
  • Avoid Soaping Agents
  • Be Cruelty Free
  • Source Ingredients Locally Where Possible
  • No Fancy Packaging, just essential biodegradable wrapping
  • Never Compromise on Quality
  • Keep the Product Affordable for the Average Family
  • Stay Sustainable
  • Stay Proud of Our Products and Loving What We Do
  • Keep Meeting Our Customers Expectations

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Folk Soap – Kind to Skin and the Environment

Folk Soap