Reclaimed Pine Folk Soap Display Boxes

Reclaimed Pine Vintage Storage Boxes Folk Soap Shop Display[/caption]

Pine Display/Storage Boxes

Traditional soap making boxes.

I get lots of enquiries as to where I purchased these boxes, so much so I have decided to add them to the website for sale. (they range from £20 to £60)

These boxes are the type of thing that last a lifetime, they are handy, sturdy, Eco-friendly and Perfect for displaying products on a market stall or as custom shop displays.
Their uses are endless:


Bathroom Storage
Toilet Paper Storage
Stuffed Animal Storage
Dog/Pet Food Storage
fruit and veg fresh Storage
Wine Storage
Shoe Storage
DVD Storage
Vinyl Storage

To name but a few.

They are made from reclaimed pine, can be stained in beach, medium oak, dark oak, natural pine or antique pine.
If you are interested in purchasing a box please contact us through the contact page with your request.


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