Dry Shampoo Powder – Black Dark Hair 120 g


Black or Dark Hair Natural Dry Shampoo Powder in Aluminium Refillable Sustainable Bottle

helps control natural oil production, adding texture and volume to fine hair


Dry Shampoo powder for Black or Very Dark Hair with Charcoal Powder.   Natural Dry Shampoo “No Poo” (no shampoo), rejuvenates greasy hair and adds volume to fine hair.

Dry Shampoo for dark Black Hair
Dry Shampoo for dark Black Hair

Black, Dark Dry Shampoo Powder

Using our best dry shampoo is not only time-saving, it also gives your hair a break from the constant grind of washing, while
minimising the damage caused by heat drying. “No Poo” helps control natural oil production, adding texture and volume to
hair, especially fine hair and greasy hair.
Our “No Poo” dry shampoo adds nutrients, including spirulina that’s rich in iron, protein, omega-6 and beta-carotene.
Spirulina is said to help combat hair loss by stimulating the scalp, thereby improving blood circulation and promoting hair growth.

Directions for Use:

Massage a small amount into scalp and hair then brush out any excess powder.
For the darker hair powder would be easier to apply with a large make-up brush.
This dry powder is darker and could be messy if used from the talc shaker unless you are very careful.
Brown dry shampoo contains cocoa and the dry shampoo for black hair contains activated charcoal.

Ingredients For Balck Hair:
Arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides), Cornflour, Chalk (Magnesium Silicate and Magnesium Carbonate),
Spirulina, (Arthrospira platensis), Activated Charcoal (Coconut Shells), Diatomaceous Earth, Powder
(Phyllanthus emblica), Musk Essential Oil (Erythranthe moschata), Vanilla Essential Oil (Vanilla planifolia)

Weight: 100 g – 200 ml

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Weight 120 g

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